The Best of Mad Swirl's Poetry Forum : 06.30.12

“We derive our vitality from our store of madness.” ~ Emile M. Cioran

Fountain (above) by featured artist, Jon Marquette, one of over 20 artists currently coloring the virtual walls in Mad Swirl's eclectic electronic collective Mad Gallery. We know you'll wanna see mo' fo' sho' so move that mad mouse of yo's right over here and a-way you'll GO!


This last week in Mad Swirl's Poetry Forum... was a round, ruffled run up an erratic hill. We braved rejection on a poet's praise for an object of affection; we learned sex as battle, not hand-to-hand, but teeth-to-eyelash; we discussed deity, dis'd deism and defended a delicate moment; we meandered amidst warm memories of an unmade bed; we pondered what possibilities abound in the successful recollection of pure sound; we suspended chances on classic noire from nine stanzas; we jolted awake on the apex o' the week to realize we could enjoy more sleep. Think I'll stay awhile and take in the view from here. ~ mh

Just in case you missed it, here's a taste...

Morning After

False dawn creeps over the distant horizon.
Why must it come so soon?
Waking to soft melodies
that stupid songbird is at it again.

Cobwebs cloud my mind, and my
trench coat mouth bristles with barbs.

A puppet
on the strings of duty;
work awaits.

Damn that crazy bird!

Laying back down;
hitting the snooze a dozen times.

Sleep hides away
as the spinning wheels of
my mind grind.

Sitting straight up;
Remembering it is Saturday.

- Mike Berger

(1 poem added 06.30.12)

editor's note: Oh, that sweet-stupid realization! What a night! I'll wager some of us are happily heading back to bed. Anyone? Anyone? - mh

The Doorman's Diary: At the jazz club

morning light
a subtle sense
of aloneness

this night
of seeking

dark street
the waitress steps outside,
lights up

rusted memory
can't pry it

young and beautiful
photo of her
outside that door

late night
an empty quiet
hangs here

dark memory --
an ill-formed consequence

blue day
the man in the shadows

dark lot --
in a steel dumpster
rats scramble

- Jeffrey Winke

(1 poem added 06.29.12)

editor's note: This series of verbal snap-shots tells a story; pensive ponderings, furtive foul-play, maybe, and the rumpus of rodents. Well done and welcome back, Jeff Winke! - mh

Nostalgia for Pure Sounds

Enlightening the mountains with their bleatings.
Like a rainbow on a green sky goats were grazing
the grass.
The sound of scythes cutting wheat spikes -
a music to the ear.
A sickle cutting the grass to the rhythm of
grasshoppers’ songs.
Women ululating in the fields to the rhythm of
their lustrous golden anklets as if in a wedding.
Little children playing hide and seek behind the trees
to the rhythm of drums and bagpipes.
Life was really a kind of Eden.
Sounds so pure - an original copy.
I really want to hear those sounds again.
Sounds are decaying now and the
duplicate is deafening & filthy
as sounds also decay.
One just spends the rest of the
day mourning the purity of sounds
in the form of a bird with a fake beak.

- Ali Znaidi

(added 06.28.12)

editor's note: A "fake beak" or "an original copy"? If we know what we want to hear, we'll have to make those sounds ourselves. Nice! - mh

Hospital Corners

Mindful, yet timeless
The ocean and stars
Wash my sheets clean
but for reasons fallen small.
they radiate pale moonlight.
The shape of them still tells
of a sensual moment evident,
but with fading memory found.
I stand, wondering:
This imprint, this fossil -
Does memory derive relevance,
Or are my sheets simply in need of tucking?

- Todd Macaulay

(added 06.27.12)

editor's note: There is relevance in a tightly folded corner and a quarter bounced off the top. - mh

Religious Beliefs

I’m at work fixing a game
For a lady customer,
When an older Mexican woman walks up to me and says:
“Oh, hey, you the one with the
Curly hair?”
My hair now pulled back in a bun,
“Yeah that’s me”
“Oh, hey, how are you? Me and my daughter use to come
Here all the time, but we no come in ah, year and a
“Oh yeah”
“Yeah, ah my daughter have the hair just like you”
“Oh your daughter has curly hair”
“Oh yeah that’s why we remember you, but
Okay, I let you get back, it was nice to see you,
God bless you”

And I look to the women I’m helping,
“Do you think she knows I’m an atheist?”
A slight joke,
“You don’t believe in God?”
She asks, stunned.

Let me make this clear,
A huge resounding yes,
Followed by an immensely,
Contradicting no,
Reason persuades me not to believe,
But instinct tells me to keep a cross,
Bound to me at all times,

I believe in my God,
Not your God,
And what does that mean? My God? Whose is he?
Not a God who prefers his people
To be divided in to different religions,
Like Christians, Mormons, Muslims, or gymnasts,
Who hate each other’s guts,
To the point of rising wars,

My God is a God,
Who lives in the air,
And breathes through the trees,
Who swims in the oceans,
And sleeps in the cities,
Who blows through the fields,
And dreams the color of lilies,
My God is a natural God,
Not a God built like a man,
Who picks sides during Wars,
And allow thousands to kill in his name,

My God is a vegetarian,
Who drives a Hybrid car,

My God is the Bones in the Earth,
The coral of the sea,
And the minerals of the soil,

My God is a living God,
Who can be found all around us,
Except for the stone and glass façade,
Of the structures labeled ‘his house’

My God is a God,
Your God strives to be,
My God hates this Poem,
And all the songs sung about him,
He doesn’t enjoy the fame,
All he asks for is a little peace,
And cooperation during these delicate moments.

- R.A. Hernandez

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editor's note: I think I'll convert to gymnastism and grow out my hair. Believe it! - mh


Aroused during lovemaking,
Trobriand Islanders snap their teeth
and nip at their lover’s nose and chin.
As their passion mounts,
they bite cheeks and lips
wildly until they bleed.
Then at the moment of orgasm,
they chew off each others eyelashes.

- Bill Wolak

(added 06.25.12)

editor's note: Instead of wine and roses, these girls respond to cotton balls and triple antibiotic ointment - a real turn-on! - mh

a not too distant object

slowly she turns
and bends on stage
in the purple light
in the yellow and in the blue
hips pop - corks too
as clocks
or planets swing
shots burn
bells ring
cool smooth marble smiles
conspire to conceal the fire within
like prisoners and ovens burn
making noooo connections in the dark
drawn to her - my light - my one
while I pretend to look away
zippers blush
and cosmos churn

poets are strippers of the heart
naked on the page
the stage
the line
the beat

and the spaces in between

- Paul Koniecki

(added 06.24.12)

editor's note: And, oh, the things poets yearn to do between those lines... *pop* - mh


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