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"Write in recollection and amazement for yourself" Jack Kerouac

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This last week in Mad Swirl's Poetry Forum... we stumbled forward, trembled, choked, when past imperfect we invoked; we honored a saint who outed the snakes, but snakes we couldn't cast out of the saint; we laid down a burlesque carnival life for a stand-up girl; we pitied an Adam with no hedon, imagining Eve in his Eden; we sat on a hard reality on our way through a soft dream, breathing deeply, youngly; we pitched a pebble from a pilfered pearl, were bopped on the bean by a bumptious world; we drifted with dreams, hovered over the sea, while taking our time to the rhythm of trees. Oh, harmonious hum; happy hearts, thrum, thrum, thrum... Ahhhhh! ~ MH Clay

Just in case you missed it, here's a taste...


Slowing down to a rhythm of trees
While leaves live in a gentle breeze,
Clouds holding to a line
Of lazy hills yawning at the sky
Towards a sunset that draws me in
By surf pushing pebbles onto a beach.
Earth twisting and turning
Lengthening shadows across white sand,
Seagulls falling to that endless land
Where thoughts are buried
In the salt of the sea and my blood
Flows in a timeless ebb, a gathering tide
As night begins to silence at last
And dreams I have dreamt
Drift into the past.

- Derrick Gaskin

(2 poems added 10.19.13)

editor's note: When time decides, we approach that edge; first for each to know. Though we can't say, when that time comes; we hope it's in s-l-o-w m-o... (Another one from Derrick on his page; asks again the reason "why" and speaks of us mad ones - check it out.) - mh

Pearl and pebble

I was in search
of a pearl

while deep in my dive
I thought I got one

so soon out
I came with a long sigh—

but only to be dejected
when it turned into a pebble.

I then furiously hurled it
to the cliff nearby

and guess wha' happened? Nothing
but a bump on my forehead!

- Haris Adhikari

(1 poem added 10.18.13)

editor's note: When in the path of your own wrath, it's best to duck. - mh

open - sesame

i              words
sit                     i
no              wanted
need                     to
to              express
introduce                     i
names              just
just                     kept
stay              it
seated                     to
on              myself
the                     i
corner              never
and                     thought
focus              i
on                     would
the              be
smoke                     inhaling
coming              such
up                     quantity
from              this
the                     tender
foil              age

- Anggo Genorga

(added 10.17.13)

editor's note: Sat stock still, foiled by the foil. A genie appeared when he inhaled; whisps wound up into words. - mh


May with its light behaving
Stirs vessel, eye & limb,
And reminds me of Amanda.

Yesterday I thought: "There is no system.
I was miserable this morning,
My mood an obnoxious thunder,
Unusually crapulent, even for me--
I hated everyone & everything.
But I sit here in English Bay, stunned
By an almost embarrassing beauty;
If Amanda was here, I would be perfect.

Anywhere she is is Eden.
She is a dance of cherry blossoms, rain washed,
Playing in ecstatic blue splendor."

- Brian Wood

(added 10.16.13)

editor's note: Want to fix or find your system? Keep your Amanda close. - mh

Stripper's Carnival
(for the critic who spoke without knowing)

I never thought about the morality of strippers in my town.
I was a woman child, seventeen
Running away from the baby,
Running away from sadistic sailors,
Running away from welfare workers –

No good
No good
No good

No job, no school, no money, no chance,
I dreamed and I ran.
I ran and I dreamed.
I hitchhiked to Hollywood.

Why not?

I had sweaters.
I knew about Lana Turner.
(In 7th grade, twelve years old, blond hair – bleached by accident
It was Maria’s idea, but my mistake:
She wanted my chest.
I wanted her hair.
She bought falsies.
I bought black hair dye.
She looked pointy –
Had pouty lips and curly black hair.
I looked like Dracula’s adolescent concubine,
Skin too white for black hair,
Hair too straight.
We tried red lipstick.
Dracula would have loved me,
Built but ugly.
I decided I’d rather be blond
Like Marilyn Monroe.
I already had her body
36 – 24 – 36.)
At seventeen, I still had blond hair and her body,
Why not Hollywood?

So there I was
No job
No school
No money

They weren’t looking for Lana
At that drugstore anymore.
The want-ad read “wanted –
Dancers and models –
No experience necessary”
I had a choice
How to earn a living –
Lying down
Or standing up.
I made my choice,
Put my bathing suit on under my sweater
(they might want to see my figure
I wanted to be prepared.)

“Take your clothes off,” he said
And stared.
“Ha, Ha,” he said.
“Ha, Ha, Ha,
Take that off too.”

I did.

He sent me to
San Francisco’s
Mission District
Burlesque house.
(The carnival came later.)

I got drunk the first time
On Pink Ladies and Grasshoppers.
(I was a sweet kid.)
I walked around the stage
Took it off, down to panties and pasties.

Cops were backstage every show.
They were young and horny.
I was young and scared of jail –
They liked my show, they said.
Afterwards, we all went out
And got drunker.
Still drunk, much later,
No school, no chance,
Why not a carnival?
I was still standing up.

The barker is an asshole.
“Balley, Balley, Balley,”
He screams. Every twenty minutes,
He screams.

Six of us in a one room trailer
Behind the tent, no toilet,
Twelve hours a day.
Put it on, take it off,
An ugly dwarf plays records.
For this they pay us
$150.00 a week.

People bring their kids in the tent.
The cops don’t like us.
The food is rotten.
And the goddam barker screams,
“Balley, Balley, Balley!”

What you saw, Mr. Critic,
Was a stag show.
That happens after carnivals,
At respectable, traditional
Bachelors’ parties,
At the Elks, the Eagles, the Moose –
Old strippers do that.
Tired, slow moving strippers.

No job
No school
No money
No chance
To do but
Lay down.

- Kay Kinghammer

(added 10.15.13)

editor's note: From a poet who landed on her feet - criticize that! (This and whole lot o' life-wrenching poems in Kay's book "Inside the Circus," published this year by Loyal Stone Press - get a copy here) - mh


He slipped and slid all around.
His movements confined to the ground.
Then he got legs and shoes
So nowadays, the news
Is he’s nowhere at all to be found.

- Eoghan Madden

(added 10.14.13)

editor's note: A new spin on an old legend; but, I think he's everywhere - beware. (Thanks to this young Irish poet for taking a mad splash in the Swirl!) - mh


the start is like a batch of metal filing
collected in bile over the years
I wait to form conglomerates
then remove and make them statues...
small, inconsistent ones
to be lost in the dust when I forget
that along with them I went on
with irreversible footsteps unto the world
it chokes me
and when I’ve no air left
I cram them on my throat wrapped
in pieces of cloth
that taste like fear

- Marius Surleac

(added 10.13.13)

editor's note: Idols of our back-up bile no longer protection bring than one can hold one's breath. - mh

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